Microsoft underpins cloud security with Adallom acquisition


Microsoft underpins cloud security with Adallom acquisition


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In a deal reported on earlier this summer but not confirmed until yesterday, Microsoft has purchased Tel Aviv-based cloudsecurity firm Adallom.

The acquisition reportedly cost Microsoft 0 million, falling short of the previously estimated price tag of $320 million.

Adallom also sells a cloud auditing service that continually monitors cloud apps in order to pinpoint and prevent suspicious behavior.

The company’s commercial cloud revenue grew 88 percent year-on-year for Microsoft in the fourth quarter.

Microsoft has acquired cloud security outfit Adallom. This includes its Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of business productivity applications such as email, and Azure, its cloud platform. Having Adallom’s solutions would expand Microsoft’s range of cybersecurity solutions to businesses as it continues to focus on pushing its products and services to enterprises. “After all, their IT departments don’t have direct control over these services, which are delivered from the service provider’s data center”. According to the company’s Web site, Adallom is an abbreviation of the Hebrew saying “Ad Halom”, which in game theory jargon means “the last line of defense”. Adallom helps secure and manage popular cloud applications including Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, ServiceNow, Ariba and Microsoft’s own Office 365. Such a feature set is important because in these cloudy times “identity is a critical control plane for managing and protecting access to applications and data”. Though reports of the acquisition emerged in July details of Microsoft’s cloud security strategy have only just been unveiled. Adallom has raised more than $49 million from investors since starting up.

“Advanced threats and cybercrime will persist in this mobile-first, cloud-first era, but we remain committed to helping our customers protect their data with new and innovative identity and security capabilities”, Microsoft said on Tuesday.

Microsoft has purchased cloud-security vendor Adallom for an undisclosed amount.

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