Google Compute Engine pricing drops again


Google Compute Engine pricing drops again

Google has introduced a new instance type and reduced the costs of its IaaS cloud instances by up to 30%, putting new pressure on rival AWS.

Google is again taking aim at Amazon Web Services in the on-going cloud provider pricing war, revealing across-the-board cost reductions to its Google Compute Engine platform.

In addition to the price reductions — which come roughly six months after Google last slashed its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) pricing — Google unveiled a new virtual machine instance type it says will drive further cost savings for users.

In the new Google Compute Engine pricing model, Google’s standard virtual machine types cost 20% less; its high-memory machine types cost 15% less; its high-CPU machine types cost 5% less; its small machine types cost 15% less; and its micro machine types cost 30% less.


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