For remote collaboration, Google Apps still can’t be beat



Successful team meetings require input from everyone. When you can’t be in the same room, Google Hangouts and Google Drawings offer an effective virtual alternative


If you work in tech, you’re probably familiar with a common way to facilitate a team meeting.

Everyone is given a pad of yellow Post-it notes and a small sheet of green sticky dots. At the start of the exercise, each person writes down a few possible topics, one per Post-it note, and sticks their Post-it notes on a wall.

In the next phase, everybody walks over to the wall and arranges the notes in clusters. Finally, people vote on which topics to discuss by putting sticky dots on the appropriate clusters. It’s any effective way to discover what the team has on its collective mind and, thus, how the team’s precious “together time” can be used best.

My team uses this method to conduct our bimonthly retrospective. We reflect on what went well or not so well during the preceding two-week sprint and what unresolved questions arose. Here’s a picture of our wall:




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