Dell OnDemand Migration for Email


OnDemand Migration for Email – Dell


Over then next few days I will writing about my experience with Dell’s OnDemand Migration for Email.

The series will be broken up by the steps of the migration tool.


  1. Connection
  2. Mailboxes
  3. Options
  4. Migrate
  5. Logs
  6. Reports

To begin you can run a 30 day demo of the OnDemand Migration for Email for free, it will sync only 20 email messages. If you want to use it in production I recommend calling a your software vendor to purchases licenses. I used to purchase the license, the reps at Dell Software can be very pushy and relentless with phone calls.

Once you have the license purchased you can log in via the following URL: .

You are greeted with the option to create a “New Plan” The Plan is the migration path for the email accounts.


Once you create a plan it will look like the following:

On Demand Migration for Email Dell Dashboard


I the next posting I will walk through the Connection, Mailboxes, Options & Migrate.



I will try and document as mush as possible.


Part 2

Thanks Mark Stein




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