Dell OnDemand Migration for Email Part 2


Dell OnDemand Migration for Email

Part 2


Connection & Mailboxes

In this post we will look at the Connection & Mailboxe settings. This section is critical because Dell does not document Best Practice. In my case I need to bring 60 mailboxes from Office 365 to 2010 On Premise environment. Why would I go from O365 to On-Prem you ask! One word “Acquisitions “, my company purchased a acquired a smaller company and we consolidated resources.


Here is a screen grab of the Connections settings:

What is important to note here is the On-Prem server configuration, for me it was the Target Connection. If you are going from On-Prem to O365 it would be the source.

On Demand Migration for Email Dell Connections
On Demand Migration for Email Dell Connections


For the Source it was straight forward and work right away without issue. This is because my source was O365.


For the Target I had to do some trial and error to get the correct parameters.


For Server URL with Exchange 2010 use

Once all the setting are correct press the Test Connection button and enter an mailbox of user you know you can access.

Once you get these two setting verify correct you can move on to the Mailbox settings.

On Demand Migration for Email Dell Mailboxes
On Demand Migration for Email Dell Mailboxes

Since you can only migrate 10 mailboxes at a time it will queue mailboxes 11 and on until a new thread is available.  If you want to migrate more than 10 at a time you need to create additional plans and add another set of credential.

During my migration I created 6 plans, and ran them with a single set of credentials.

One thing I’d like to point out at this time, if you are going from O365 to On-Prem make sure you planned for all of additional mailboxes. I grew one database by 100 GB over a 3 day period.

It is also worth pointing out that this is how you license the product, for every line on this page it equals 1 license. I did have one issue where I missed typed the Source Mailbox, OnDemand Migration for Email flagged the mailbox as an error and did not consume a License.

Also OnDemand Migration for Email only lets you migrate the user 10 times, if you need  an 11th time you need to open a support ticket. During my testing phase I migrated an initial set 3 times.


Part 3……

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