Backing up your Cloud VMs Will Save In The End


Backing up your Cloud VMs Will Save In The End!


Deduplication Storage
Deduplication Storage

Like my current company many are not willing to take the plung into the Cloud. There are plenty of Organization that have moved workloads to the Cloud other have embraced it entirely. Right now Microsoft is offer Start-Ups finanical assistance to start in the cloud.

The question is always “Why Not” Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace to name a few all have top of the line hardware. The Could can take a lot of the day to day maintenance off of your IT Admins.

“The Problem”…… Selling the idea that all of our data will reside in one place and not under your full control. The Cloud providers can be trust but issues arise, there are numerous articles on how partial datacenter have anomolies and data is lost.

These are inheriant issues everyone in IT deals with. One should not be afraid they shoud be prepared.

Cloud vendors can ne reluctant to make guarantees about data integrity or the ability to recover data following accidental deletion or corruption, since there is no way to be certain your data is being backed up.

As Cloud system advance so does thrid party application to backup you VM’s in the cloud, Veeam has been advancing thier product offering to help Organization. With price of storage coming down your IT Staff could backup VM’s in the cloud or pull them down to local storage and even write to tape.

Microsoft has Microsoft Azure Site Recovery to replicate your VM’s from on Prem to the Cloud and back again.

The moral of this tale is that it is always best to be safe then sorry.

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